Beyond the Flanaess

Maps, measures and ideas about the world of Oerth and what lies -maybe- beyond the Flanaess…

Welcome, adventurer !

So, you’ve reached the borders of the Flanaess, the best explored region of the World of Greyhawk. Now you wanna see more! You want to know what lies beyond the Flanaess…

Here you’ll find some musings, ideas and tools to imagine how the rest of Oerth could look like, whether you like the official version of the Oerth map or not. I gathered various sources of inspirations to design alternative maps for the rest of Oerth, or to go on developing Oerth along the 1996 Dragon Annual Oerth map.

All these are personal ideas by a fan of the World of Greyhawk, written in the spirit of fan fiction. They’re worth what they’re worth. Of course, no copyright infringement is intended. This is in no way an official view of the rest of Oerth.

I included in these pages a (quite) technical section about map projections. This last topic only matters if you intend to put your Flanaess/Oerik/Oerth map on a globe, or to do 3-D development of the map. Warning: map projections are a tedious topic. But if you want to place a flat map on a globe, that issue  automatically arises, whether you want it or not.

In order not to fall prisoner of a default projection, and be forced to live with some of its consequences that could not suit your needs, you have to make various choices before you go mapping on a globe. These choices, and their pros and cons, are explained in that section.

I hope some of this content can be helpful to fans of the World of Greyhawk. Enjoy!